100% Cacao Powder

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Thriving in the deep tropical regions of Central and South America, cacao has been treasured by ancient civilizations since as early as 1900 BC who called it “the food of the gods.” Cacao is never heated during processing so it is able to maintain all of its raw, beneficial nutrients and properties. So yes, healthy chocolate does exist!

Why we love it:

  • Fosters euphoric feelings by raising serotonin levels and releasing endorphins
  • Delicious and nutritious addition to baked goods, smoothies, and warm beverages
  • Fights oxidative damage caused by exercise with nearly twenty times more antioxidants than blueberries
  • Acts as a true beauty food, improving skin texture and glow

Did you know?
Prized for medicinal and aphrodisiacal characteristics, cacao beans were traded as currency among ancient South American civilizations. The richest man on Earth at the time, Aztec emperor Montezuma II, had a cache of nearly a billion beans!

Try this!
Mix a scoop of cacao into a warm glass of your favourite nut milk with a little honey or maple syrup for a subtly-sweet and highly nutritious glass of hot cacao!